Press Kit

Fact Sheet

Developer: Broken Helm Studio.

Studio based out of Mumbai, India

Address: 503, Shri Bindra Rose, Mahakali, Andheri (E), 

Mumbai 400093

Phone: +91 75062 60173

Founded: April 12, 2018


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Broken Helm Studio is a small independent studio based out of Mumbai, India. We love making video games just as much as we love playing them too.


A blend of focus, determination and sheer will to make video games was what drove Sunny Mascarenhas, a professional animator and a self taught programmer, to churn out this little brainchild called Broken Helm Studio in 2018.

The mission of Broken Helm Studio is a simple cycling loop of learning and implementation that leads to creation of video games that passionate gamers would love to play.

Codename Nemesis

It starterd as a simple drunk conversation at a bar about a non fantasy / present day / urban themed Role playing game. The game was just a trial and error based learning project even before the studio was founded. Slowly evolving with time and now taking the form of this herculean monstrosity, Codename Nemesis is Broken Helm Studio's debut impact to the gaming world.